Snake Safety Training

K2C Wildlife Encounters, LLC has an overall mission of intervening and educating to reduce human-wildlife conflicts. One of our newest endeavors is that we are teamed up with Adaptation Environmental to provide venomous snake safety training for agencies and organizations. The training is designed as a Risk Management course, not a "let's all love snakes" course. 

Adaptation Environmental Services (AES) developed courses for the Department of Defense several years ago. Since then, the trainings have been offered to other government agencies at all levels, organizations, and groups where contact with local venomous snakes is likely. 

In addition to other groups, Construction and similar private companies are required by OSHA to provide training to their workers regarding dangerous animals or plants exist. 

The AES training has been approved by the VA State Vet to use for Animal Control officers who are seeking renewal credits. The techniques we teach are for safety of the people involved, as well as safety of the animal. These techniques are used by professional snake handlers from zoos, wildlife officers and others. The AES course has been reviewed by professional herpetologists, and developed specifically for professionals who need professional training. Our courses are not intended for private individuals who simply want to learn how to handle venomous snakes. 

Specifically, the trainers with K2C have trained:

U.S. Venomous Snake Safety and Handling

Certification Description: This course is designed for risk management and tailored to fit the needs of your team. We tailor each course to focus on the venomous snakes in your area. Topics include identification, natural history, first aid, safety and handling. 

It includes: 

Delivery Options: 

Other topics K2C can include in your training:

Venomous Snake Safety for Animal Control 

This online course is designed to provide training and  expertise for Animal Control Officers to safely work with U.S. venomous snakes. Topics include identification, natural history, safety, removal, relocation and introduction to handling.

After the online portion has been successfully completed, we will schedule your skills lesson with LIVE venomous and nonvenomous snakes!


K2C currently has three instructors that are approved by AES to teach their certification courses: Mark Khosravi, Bonnie Keller, and Bill Crisp. They have decades of experience in their background either through personal experience, professional training, or both. All have been signed off by the lead instructor at AES. Their bios are available here on the K2C website.